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Getting Started

Installing your theme: Please navigate to this tutorial :

Recommend Plugins

Boston theme is already supported Jetpack and We're strong recommend you use plugin Jetpack by to unlock more great features:

  • Tiled Galleries.
  • Infinite Scroll.
  • Related posts.
  • Socials share.
  • and more....

Menu Setup

  1. Go to Appearance → Menu: Create a new menu and give it a name. e.g Primary
  2. Add your menu items then chose theme location as Primary then hit Save Menu button.

Header Sticky

Option location: Customizer → Theme Options → Header

Check to option Sticky header if you want to sticky header.

Theme Styling

Option location: Customizer → Colors

Here you can change theme primary color.

Option location: Customizer → Theme Options → Featured Content

Display: You can chose Carousel or Slider.

Tag name: Post tag name, example featured.

How to add Featured content posts ?

In Admin page → Pages → Add new / Edit post

Add your feature tag name here, for our example is featured.

Articles Listing Layout

Option location: Customizer → Theme Options → Homepage articles listing layout

You can change layout for:

  • Homepage articles listing layout.
  • Archive page articles listing layout: This setting apply for archive page: Author, Category, Date, Tag

You can select one of 4 different layouts

Social Icons

Add menu icons

Option location: Appearance → Menus Create a menu name example Socials and chose Menu location as Social Media (see the example below).

To add new item: Use Custom Links at the left to create a custom link and add the social link URL field link like the image below.

Social icons support: 
  • facebook
  • google plus
  • linkedin
  • flickr
  • pinterest
  • vimeo
  • youtube
  • instagram
  • skype
  • github

Setup Social icons positions

Option location: Customizer → Theme Options → Social Icons Position

You can chose place where social icons display, see the image bellow.

Option location: Customizer → Theme Options → Footer Instagram Feeds

You can easy enable/disable this settings footer instagram feed like the image below.

Option location: Customizer → Theme Options → Footer

You can change the copyright text and show/hide theme author info.


Option location: Customizer → Typography

  • Site Title: Apply for logo and tagline.
  • Paragraph: Apply for body paragraphs.
  • Heading: Apply for heading tags (H1-> H6).