Create a multilingual site with OnePress/Screenr and qTranslate-x

Hi everybody,

With OnePress theme free version, we are highly recommended you use the  qTranslate-x plugin to translate the customizer content in different languages. 

To change  the customizer content of home page just go to Appearances => Customizer and using language ISO code, put all the language translation in the same Text editor mode.

Example is shown below.

Suppose you want  to translate the ‘Hero small text’ 

Then put the code in the text area, As shown in the image below.

The en, vi ISO codes stands for English, Vietnamese languages.

You can similarly use the ISO codes for other languages as well.

Then put the code in the Text editor.

[:en]English Text[:vi]Vietnamese[:]

As shown below.

Then this will convert the hero text in the desired language when selected by user.

Further more information, you guys can take a look at  qTranslate-X.