Installing Demo Data

Download theme demo data.

Login to your FameThemes Dashboard, scroll down to the theme you recently purchased and download file. Extract it and you will get a .xml and .wie (widget) file.

Setting up your theme like the demo is quick and easy:

Follow these steps for manual importing demo files:


Navigate to WP Admin > Tool > Import.
Import content data .xml file, for more information about how to import Wordpress XML data please  click here.


Install  Widget Importer & Exporter plugin. 
Navigate to WP Admin > Tool > Widget Importer & Exporter.
Select a .wie file then click Import Widgets button.


Navigate to Appearance > Menus then to the Manage Locations tab.
For the Primary Navigation, select Primary Navigation from the dropdown menu and then select Footer Menu from the Footer Menu dropdown ( if exists ).
Click Save Changes.


You're done.

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