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Theme Installation & Activate

Installing a theme through WordPress is quite easy

Upload the theme file

  1. Go to Appearance  Themes in the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on the Add New button
  3. Click on the Upload Theme button
  4. Click Browse and select current version of wellness.zip in your computer
  5. Click Install Now

After theme installed successfully you can activate theme by clicking Activate on link as appear in your screen.

Manually activate theme

If you wish to activate manually

  1. Go to Appearance Themes in the WordPress menu
  2. Mouseover theme thumbnail and press the Activate button

Find more information for theme installation at: Using Themes by WordPress.

Go to Appearance → Menus

  1. Add item to menu.
  2. List menu item, here you can drag item to sort.
  3. Chose menu location to display.
  4. Click Save Menu

Find more information at: WordPress Menu User Guide by WordPress.

Go to Appearance   Customize  Site Identity.

  1. Click on Select logo to upload your logo, choose which you want to use then click on Select at bottom right corner, you can either crop or skip cropping, its up to you.
  2. Add Site Title : if you want to show Title instead of Logo.
  3. Add Tagline : it's slogan that display beside the logo.
  4. Site Icon (favicon).
  5. Click Save & Publish.

Colors Setting

Go to Appearance  Customize  Colors

  1. Header text color settings.
  2. Background color settings.

On Premium version you can change Primary color of your site.

General Settings 

Go to Appearance  Customize  General Settings


Layout Settings

You can chose left sidebar or right sidebar here.

  1. Select left or right sidebar.
  2. Click on  Save button.


You can show/hide footer or change copyright text and hide theme credit link here.

Setup Home page


Create a page

Go to Pages   Add new .

  1. Enter page title.
  2. Select page template as Front Page.
  3. Click on  Publish/Update button.


Display a page as home page.

Go to Settings   Reading.

  1. Chose a static page.
  2. Select home page (the page we've created above).
  3. Click Save change button.


Home page slider example: By default we get several posts which has " featured" tag to display as slider. So please make sure you have added it in posts.

Go to Appearance   Customize  Featured content.

P/s : What is post tag  → https://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/tags/


Front Page: Features Pages Section

Go to Appearance  Customize  Theme Options  Front Page: Features Page Section

Select page to display:


Front Page: Grid Pages Section

Go to Appearance  Customize  Theme Options  Front Page: Grid Pages Section

This section is designed to display a grid layout of pages on the Front Page Template, you need to select a page which has some child pages. P/s: Only child page has featured image will be displayed.


Front Page: Testimonial section

Note: To use this function you need to install the  Jetpack plugin and activate Custom Content Types module.
If don't see Jetpack module manager you can visit the link http://your-domain.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=jetpack_modules

Before using this section ensure you have testimonial content. If you don't have any testimonial posts just go to Admin > Testimonials > Add new.

Then go to Appearance  Customize → Theme Options  Front Page: Testimonial section

  1. Check to option: Display testimonial if you want to show this section.
  2. Enter Testimonial section title.
  3. Select Layout to display.

Front Page: Pricing Table (Pro version)

Go to Appearance  Customize  Theme Options  Front Page: Pricing Table


Front Page: Team (Pro version)

Go to Appearance  Customize  Theme Options  Front Page: Team

See how the team member display:


Front Page: Latest New Section

Go to Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Front Page: Latest News Section

  1. Check "Display latest news section" to display this section.
  2. Click on Save and Publish.


Home Page: Sections Order (Pro version)

Go to Appearance  Customize  Theme Options  Front Page: Section Orders 

You can reorder front-page sections easy.

Advanced Typography (Pro version)

Go to Appearance  Customize → Typography

  • Access to 600+ Google fonts.
  • Unlimited color.
  • Custom font size.
  • Custom font style.
  • Custom line height.
  • Custom text transform.
  • Custom text decoration.
  • Custom letter spacing.

And here you can change the typography for:

  • Paragraph.
  • Heading.
  • Section Heading.
  • Site title.

Go to Appearance  Customize → Widgets

We support up to 4 footer widgets, if you don't want to show a widget  just leave it empty.

Need Help?

This document will show you how to install the theme and setup your website quick and easily. If any issue occurs during installation, feel free to sent us an email via the Contact Us link under this article.